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Storage and storage unit for pellets. Robust and of the highest quality, made entirely of steel and decorated with a laser cut on the front side. The pellet level is always visible thanks to the thick glass. The pack includes a set of 4 wheels, to easily move the Granulebox near the stove when loading the tank. The 3D printed pellet scoop is sturdy and lightweight, made from natural elements and is fully biodegradable. At the bottom of the Granulebox there is a dust filter, which separates the smallest residues, which could clog the endless screw which transports the pellets to the stove's brazier. Thanks to the filter, your pellets will always have constant quality, all the way to the bottom of the box. The pack is completed by a lid fitted with a beautiful solid wood handle. The same handle allows you to hang the cover on the side of the box, to facilitate loading and maintenance operations. Very easy assembly, thanks to very precise couplings and well-made fixing accessories.

Pellet storage - ARCHI PACK Granulebox

  • Ability 55kg
    Dimensions LxDxH 37x37x69cm
    Guarantee 5 years
    Accessories in the pack

    1 dust filter

    4 casters

    1 pellet shovel

    1 lid

    1 wooden handle



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