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Paro is a combi or hybrid stove, meaning it burns pellets and wood logs. How it works ? Paro is able to get the most out of both fuels: fully programmable and manageable remotely like a pellet stove, economical and user-friendly like a wood stove. You will have to limit yourself to loading pellets or wood and your stove will do the rest, to maintain the comfort temperature you have chosen or respect the time slots you have set. The pellet brazier is placed at a lower level in the combustion chamber and is equipped with an automatic cleaning grate, to ensure safe ignition of the pellets, even in the presence of ashes produced by the combustion of wood logs. In summary Paro represents the pinnacle of technology from the manufacturer Rika and allows you to choose your natural fuel with complete freedom.

 Paro is available with top or rear smoke outlet and in the Multiair version with one or two independent ducts for hot air.

Combi Stove - PARO Rika

  • Width 788mm
    Height 1132mm
    Depth 506mm


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