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The Clou family is expanding with Clou Duo, which largely lives up to its name. Clou Duo is an elegant combi pellet and wood stove. It fascinates with its pleasant pellet fire with automatic thermostat and timer programming, its optional air distribution module and the incomparable wood flame. The round glass of the Clou series is immediately recognizable in the panorama of stoves and marks an emblematic difference compared to traditional models. The Austrian manufacturer Austroflamm entrusts the design of its products to a famous Italian architect, who is inspired by the original shapes of nature. This allows us to combine the effectiveness of the product with an unconventional design but with a continuous reference to natural elements, which comfort us and increase the perception of well-being in our home.

Combi Stove - CLOU DUO Austroflamm

  • Width 810mm
    Height 1013mm
    Depth 410mm


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