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Sono is a pellet stove with perfect proportions, compact and equipped with a 25 kg pellet tank. Available in several technical variants, with top or rear smoke outlet, Multiair or normal. The facade of the stove is dominated by the chromatic contrast between the decorative stone and the tinted and screen-printed glass of the fireplace door. The whole thing is extremely clean and fits perfectly into any installation environment. Rika's designers conduct their research towards sober and timeless solutions that can last for generations, bringing discreet well-being and an elegant touch to every home. From a technical point of view, the Sono pellet stove diffuses heat by natural convection, therefore without a fan, has a self-cleaning brazier with a robust cast iron tilting grill and is equipped with a latest generation electronic system. This feature will allow you to control your stove remotely, using the Rika Firenet WiFi module, and connect it to your voice assistant, using Rika Voice. Available with black aluminum, soapstone or white stone coating.

Pellet Stove - SONO Rika

  • Width 694mm
    Height 1051mm
    Depth 390 / 470* mm

    *RAO version with smoke outlet from above


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