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Sofia Natural SN is a compact pellet stove without electricity available in four colors. This model, like the others in the Natural range from the manufacturer Laminox, is fed by gravity: the pellets in the tank slide with a continuous flow towards the brazier, pushed by the force of gravity. Their sheer weight makes it possible to renew the fuel load of the brazier by pushing combustion residues into the lower compartment, without any user intervention. Sofia Natural SN has a sealed combustion circuit, meaning that the air required for combustion, post-combustion and window cleaning can be completely channeled from the outside. This technical aspect ensures total safety against the risk of smoke being blown back into the installation room, for example due to strong wind.

Pellet Stove without Electricity - SOFIA NATURAL SN Laminox

  • Width 572mm
    Height 1151mm
    Depth 553mm


  • Energy efficiency class A++
    Weight 114 kg
    Heating power 2.4 - 7kW
    Pellet consumption 0.6 - 1.6 kg/h
    Heating volume (depending on the insulation of the house) 50 - 200 m3
    Pellet tank capacity ~ 16 kg
    Average electrical power absorbed -
    Yield > 88%



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