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Ruby is a pellet stove with an elegant and modern design. Its perfect proportions and wide view of the flame make it a discreet and enriching addition to your interior spaces. Equipped with a self-cleaning brazier and the most advanced combustion and heat diffusion technology on the market.
What makes Austroflamm stoves so special?
Austroflamm began producing its stoves in 1980, with the aim of offering pleasant warmth, but above all to open a new chapter in terms of design and efficiency.
Founder and owner Ferdinand Humeur forges the company's philosophy according to visionary ideals marked by quality and innovation and entrusts the aesthetic design of his products to a famous Italian architect. This intuition allows the brand to develop its own visual identity and to be immediately recognizable in the panorama of stoves.
The great merit of Austroflamm is to free pellet and wood stoves from their obsolete image and to offer the customer a new, completely different and original experience.
Technologically, Austroflamm pellet stoves are at the top of the category, for robustness, reliability and the quality of electronic components, to ensure uncompromising comfort for many years.

Pellet Stove - RUBY Austroflamm

  • Width 690mm
    Height 1120 (1145 wooden handle included) mm
    Depth 475 (495 wooden handle included) mm



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