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The Swing wood stove has no corners or discontinuities. Its rounded structure gives it a dynamic and elegant appearance. The classic round shape is interpreted in a modern key. The large panoramic window shows the fire in all its beauty.
To underline this modern interpretation of the wood stove, RIKA has “made invisible” all the adjustment elements and the handle. The large panoramic window highlights the fireplace in all its beauty.

The Swing stove is available in a swivel version and can be equipped with the Rikatronik 4 electronic system. The latter allows the stove to be lit automatically, without matches or a lighter. In fact, thanks to electronic combustion management, the stove operates efficiently and respects the environment at all times. To light the stove or program its ignition, simply press a button. Thanks to the ceramic spark plug and the eco-friendly Rika fire starter, the wooden logs catch fire and provide you with pleasant warmth when you need it. The Rikatronic 4 system also tells you when to refill the logs, to avoid excessive consumption or interruption of combustion. Finally, the Rikatronik 4 allows you to choose an ECO operating mode, which, by always guaranteeing good combustion, makes it possible to minimize the use of wood and therefore extend the time between one charge and another.

Wood stove - SWING Rika

  • Width 520mm
    Height 1405mm
    Depth 520mm


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