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Lotus Maestro 152 is a good choice because it contains all the advantages of the Maestro models in a compact version and equipped with a hearth positioned higher, so that the vision of the flame is not covered by other furnishing elements , such as chairs or tables.
The heating body of the stove and its stone cladding allow a large quantity of heat to be stored. Lotus stoves also heat the lower part of the stone covering and thus make maximum use of the storage capacities of this wonderful natural material.
You will appreciate the refined design of this stove even in use. For example, the large glass door has a safe and comfortable automatic closing system, with two magnets that return the door to its position after each opening.
The stove is available in 3 variants: Soapstone, Indian Night and Limestone. The color of cast iron door frame can also be customized in gray, black. You can opt for the Magic glass solution, which offers curved and screen-printed glass that covers the entire door opening, including its frame.
The Maestro 152 stove is already equipped with PowerStones patented by Lotus, which are special stones that significantly increase the ability to release heat for many hours after the stove is turned off.

Wood Stove - MAESTRO 152 Lotus

  • Width 560mm
    Height 1533mm
    Depth 560mm


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