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Lotus Maestro 1 is the most compact of the family, it stands out for its dual capacity to diffuse heat, by radiation and natural convection. Radiation is very high in storage stoves and guarantees a very pleasant perception of heat. The stone mass has the particularity of increasing the capacity to accumulate heat and gradually returning this energy to the room for several hours even after the stove has been turned off. The patented Clean Burn technology ensures an efficient and ecological flame. In addition to the soapstone or Indian Night cladding, you can customize the finish of the fireplace door, which can be in black or gray cast iron or covered with the special glass of the Magic version. Maestro 1 features patented PowerStones, which amplify the stove's ability to store heat and distribute it evenly throughout your home.

Wood Stove - MAESTRO 1 Lotus

  • Width 560mm
    Height 1233mm
    Depth 560mm


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