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Jubilee 35 is ideal for those who want to burn wood in 50cm logs. The very large combustion chamber and the patented Clean Burn Technology combustion system develop a play of flames with a strong visual impact and allow perfectly adjustable and efficient heat diffusion. All parts in contact with the flame are characterized by very high thicknesses and materials designed to last several generations. The door frame, for example, is made of cast iron, a very resistant and dimensionally stable material. The interior is high density vermiculite.
Jubilee 35 is available in steel or with soapstone or Indian Night stone cladding. If you choose the steel model, you can enhance it with a soapstone or Indian Night stone top.


Wood Stove - JUBILEE 35 Lotus

  • Width 726mm
    Height 1092mm


  • Energy efficiency class A+
    Weight ~ 192 kg
    Power Stones -
    Heating power 4-10kW
    Heating volume (depending on the insulation of the house) 75 - 300 m3
    Dimensions of logs (max) 53cm
    Average electrical power absorbed -
    Yield 82%


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