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The Jubilee 25 is one of the most popular models in the Lotus catalog. The M version is the version with accumulation: with an additional storage mass of 150 kg compared to the steel Jubilee 25, this version is equipped with PowerStones storage stones. Jubilee 25 M is available in soapstone or Indian Night stone. It can burn logs up to 40 cm long. It therefore represents an excellent compromise between compact dimensions and operating economy. This stove has efficient combustion and very high flame output, thanks to the patented Clean Burn Technology combustion system. The thick cast iron door closes silently and automatically thanks to Lotus Soft Close.

Wood Stove - JUBILEE 25 M Lotus

  • Width 626mm
    Height 1420mm


  • Energy efficiency class A+
    Weight ~310kg
    Power Stones series
    Heating power 3-8kW
    Heating volume (depending on the insulation of the house) 75 - 300 m3
    Dimensions of logs (max) 42cm
    Average absorbed electrical power -
    Yield 81%


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