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The Charnwood Island III wood stove is the most powerful in the Island collection. With its majestic proportions and its power of 12kW it is ideal for large rooms and can accommodate logs over 50cm long. With its 2 large doors, the Island III offers an exceptional view of the fire, an unrivaled panorama on a giant screen.

The Charnwood Island wood stove sets a new standard in clean burning stoves. Its simple appearance and delicate lines make it suitable for any installation, both modern and traditional. The innovative ash grate allows you to burn wood with maximum efficiency. A cool handle allows you to reload wood easily and safely. A single, simple air control - the Quattroflow - allows you to select flame type and fuel consumption.

Charnwood is a family business located on the Isle of Wight in England. Created in 1972, over the years they have become one of the leading manufacturers of stoves and inserts in Europe. Since its birth, the company has always developed and implemented strong ethical values, whether in the design and manufacturing of their products, in their relationships with their customers, suppliers and employees, and in the management of impact. on the environment of their products.

These values are reflected first of all in the quality and longevity of their products. Buying a Charnwood means buying a product that lasts. More than 50 years later, their first stoves continue to heat many homes.

All inserts and stoves are equipped with the latest technology in clean burning and air sweeping. During initial combustion, particles and unburned ashes are emitted in the smoke. In their stoves, these fumes are burned again. This double combustion significantly reduces emissions and ash production, and improves the efficiency of the stove. Your home is even better heated and your environment is healthier. In addition, clean combustion and air sweeping keep the door windows always clean and therefore allow you to enjoy the view of the fire.

Wood Stove - ISLAND III Charnwood

  • Top connection Diameter 178mm
    Rear connection Diameter 178mm



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