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The Rika Fox II Wood Stove is a must-have for those looking for the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics. With compact dimensions and elegant design, it fits perfectly into any living space. Thanks to its exceptional calorific performance, it offers great comfort of use, without compromising on quality. For years, the Fox II has been acclaimed by customers for its reliability and efficiency, making it one of the most popular wood stoves on the market. With Rika's continued innovation, this wood stove combines tradition and modernity to meet every need. The Fox II Rika Wood Stove is also available with the RIKATRONIK3 system. This electronic system allows combustion to be managed optimally, thus reducing the use of wood by up to 50% compared to manually operated stoves. This represents a significant advantage in terms of economy, ecology and comfort for users. With its advanced technology, this stove offers an efficient and environmentally friendly heating solution. Contact us now for more information on installing this wood stove in your home.

Wood Stove - FOX II Rika

  • Width 550mm
    Height 1039mm
    Depth 494mm


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