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Allegra is a cast iron wood stove with a retro look. It is not only sturdy, but also small and compact. The generous glass offers a breathtaking view of the flames. The additional side door makes it easier to add firewood and clean the combustion chamber. The simple single lever mechanism to control the air supply is easy to use.
However, cast iron does not only characterize the elegant appearance of the stove: thanks to the physical properties of this material, such as pleasant heat conduction, extreme dimensional stability and the absolute absence of tension, Allegra also has a lot to offer in terms of comfort. There are no annoying crackling noises when the stove heats up and cools down. In addition, cast iron stores heat very well.
In summary, Allegra's strong points are: manufacturing entirely in high-quality cast iron.
Classic and timeless design. Additional side door for clean and safe filling.
Efficient combustion with particularly low emissions.
Leda is one of the few European manufacturers to have its own foundry in Germany. This aspect makes it possible to constantly control the quality of the raw material produced and to perfectly control all stages of production until supply to the authorized reseller.

Wood Stove - ALLEGRA cast iron Leda

SKU: LED_1003-01799
  • Width 650mm
    Height 772mm


  • Energy efficiency class HAS
    Weight ~155 kg
    Nominal power 8kW
    Heating volume (depending on the insulation of the house) 30 - 85 m2
    Combustion air connection Yes
    Dimensions of logs (max) 50cm
    Smoke outlet diameter 150mm
    Yield 80.5%


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