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The Sumo stove has a wide choice of side panels which allow the most original customizations. Thanks to the numerous cladding options, the Sumo pellet stove adapts optimally to your living space. This transformation artist also has a large pellet filling compartment, from 30 to 45 kg depending on the version chosen, and an automatic ash evacuation function. In fact, a tilting grate is installed at the base of the brazier which periodically evacuates combustion residues into the underlying ashtray. This solution brought greater comfort to the user, who no longer needed to vacuum the brazier frequently. In fact, the tilting grill is activated each time before lighting, guaranteeing the correct dosage of pellets and a brazier that is always clean and ready for lighting. This stove features the innovative features of the latest generation Rika electronic system, such as touch screen, radio room temperature sensor, Firenet WiFi module and Rika Voice assistant. The Multiair version can heat another room at the same time.

Pellet Stove - SUMO Rika

  • Width 520mm
    Height 1148mm
    Depth 585mm


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