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Small wood stove: all our advice for choosing the right one

The ritual of loading logs into a small wood stove can stay with you for decades and be passed down to your children, bringing serenity and satisfaction to your home.

To choose the wood stove most suitable for your home, especially if it is small, you must evaluate different aspects, to be sure to obtain good thermal comfort and to be able to effectively control combustion, both with small quantities of wood and with greater loads, when it is necessary to quickly heat the installation environment.

Nominal power

The first important criterion for choosing your small wood stove is the nominal power. It represents the thermal power actually transmitted to the environment, that is to say the quantity of heat that the stove is capable of transmitting to the room in which it is installed. If the nominal power is too high in relation to the volume to be heated, your stove will be oversized and therefore you will often use it at reduced power. Drawing a parallel with the world of engines, it's as if your car's engine was always running at low revs, resulting in combustion and dirt problems.

Combustion air

The second important criterion for choosing your small wood stove is the combustion air supply. Many small-power stoves take the air necessary for combustion directly from the environment in which they are installed. This, in addition to being risky for health, especially in very small environments, has recently been prohibited by Swiss regulations. Today it is in fact essential to be able to create an air inlet of sufficient size to ensure the oxygen requirement necessary for good combustion. Ideally your stove will be connected to the outside air by an insulated flexible pipe, it must therefore have a connection and a combustion air management system suitable for this purpose.

Safety distances

The third fundamental criterion for choosing your small power wood stove is safety distances. In fact, in very small spaces, every inch counts. We therefore advise you to always ask your dealer what safety distances you must respect, especially if your house has walls made of wood or flammable materials. In fact, small stoves often have very considerable safety distances and, although they seem ideal because they are very compact, they could force us to apply fire protection with a consequent increase in the cost of installation. It is therefore important to be well informed on this aspect, because the stove we have chosen may not be suitable, due to safety distances.

The advantages of Charnwood wood stoves

We can say that the English manufacturer Charnwood is a real specialist in small stoves. The UK's most famous stove factory was founded over 50 years ago on the Isle of Wight in England. The stoves are necessarily original and characterized by the purest “British” style: simple and timeless, they have been manufactured to heat our homes for many generations. Suffice it to say that many of the early stoves are still functional, after more than half a century.

Charnwood technology in detail

Wood stove manufacturer Charnwood has unrivaled knowledge of new combustion technologies, acquired over many years. Charnwood wood stoves have extremely clean combustion and very high efficiency, thanks to their special design. The strengths of the Charnwood range include the following.

The Quattroflow® system

The Quattroflow® air control system is a revolutionary Charnwood patent, used on almost all stoves. A single command introduces the right amount of air to the right place, using different air chambers. In particular, this system optimizes the supply of primary, secondary and tertiary air, optimizing combustion and guaranteeing window cleaning at any operating speed.

Cranmore 7 Charnwood wood stove working in an existing fireplace
Cranmore 7 Charnwood wood stove

BLU technology

Charnwood wood stoves equipped with BLU technology have very high efficiency and extremely low emissions. This places them at a technological level much more advanced than that required by the European ecodesign standard. Thus, thanks to its exceptional performance, your stove complies with environmental requirements and new local regulations, which are increasingly restrictive.

Heat shield

In line with the work carried out on the power and quality of combustion, Charnwood has supplied thermal screens and convection panels, manufactured for each model, which allow the stove to be brought closer to the wall, while respecting safety distances. In this way, your wood stove will only occupy a small space in the room and you will be able to furnish and live in your favorite room in complete tranquility, accompanied by the crackling of the flame.


Charnwood offers a cooktop as an option on almost all of its wood stoves. This accessory is very useful, especially if the stove is installed in an open space that houses the dining room. You will be able to use the heat of the stove to cook your favorite dishes, as in the past, in an original and friendly way. This also allows you to save energy, since you are using the heat produced by the stove. These plates adapt easily to any cooking utensil, are made of indestructible cast iron and will accompany you for many years, according to Charnwood's sustainable philosophy, based on the use of quality materials and essential and precise manufacturing .

Cast iron hob installed on a wood stove
Charnwood cooktop

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