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Combi wood and pellet stove: operation and advantages

Rika Paro mixed wood and pellet stove
The Rika Paro combi stove stands out for its reliability and construction quality

Wood or pellet burning, our combi stoves are the solution. To benefit from the advantages of both systems: remain flexible and heat even without electricity.

A combi wood and pellet stove combines the two heating systems into a single stove. It offers the classic wood fire and all the comfort of fully automatic pellet operation.

This type of stove is the no-compromise solution. The typical no-sizzling, no-electricity operation of a wood stove combined with the comfort of a pellet stove. The stove automatically selects and recognizes the fuel. It switches to pellet mode when there is no more wood. Combined with efficiency and respect for the environment, heating becomes a pure pleasure.

The advantages of combined fuels in an aesthetic and functional stove

The combi stove combines all the functions of a wood stove and a pellet stove and cuts a good figure in terms of aesthetics. With a combi stove you heat with maximum efficiency and in an environmentally friendly manner thanks to automatic combustion air regulation - in all modes. It can be easily controlled via a touch screen, any internet-connected terminal or even via voice command. Its special feature, thanks to Multiair technology, the heat can be used three times, because it is transported to two other rooms via connecting pipes. The stove has a storage mass of approximately 65 kg and is available in a power range of 2.5 to 8.0 kW. The tank can hold up to 30-34 kg of pellets, depending on the model, for hours of gentle heat.

Austroflamm mixed stove
The Austroflamm MoDuo has an original design that highlights the flame

What is a combi stove?

A combi stove is the best choice if you do not want to stick to a single fuel or give up the comfort of a specific operating mode.

Independent & flexible heating

Combi stoves are versatile and meet all needs: they can be used either with pellets or wood, with or without electricity, manually or entirely mechanically. They adapt flexibly to meet individual wishes and needs.

Wood stove and pellet stove in one stove!

A traditional and classic wood fire with its very special atmosphere, the crackling of wood combined with all the ease of use of pellets - this is what distinguishes the mixed stove.

How does a combi stove work?

Combi stoves can be used as wood or pellet stoves. They have automatic fuel detection: if the wood fire goes out, the stove automatically switches to pellets.

The volume of combustion air is automatically regulated in combi stoves, whether they run on wood or pellets. This makes the heating particularly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Clou Duo Austroflamm mixed stove
Compact and original, the Clou Duo displays a non-conformist look

A few more advantages!

Combi stoves combine all the innovations and best features of wood and pellet heating.

They are silent thanks to the brushless motor which ensures constant pellet feeding. In addition, the optimal management of the smoke motor and the absence of a convection fan reduce operating noise to a minimum.

The periodic self-cleaning system with ash emptying reduces cleaning times to a minimum.

With the Multiair system of our combi stoves, the heated air can be directed to up to two other adjacent rooms. So you can easily and comfortably heat three rooms at the same time.

Pleasant warmth with minimal fuel consumption makes combi stoves economical and environmentally friendly. The innovative combustion technology of our stoves always makes the most of pellets and wood.

In pellet mode, the combi stove can be controlled via touch screen, online or even by voice. And the operation is also simple when using wood. In fact, the optimal time to add logs is indicated and the air supply is controlled automatically.

To discover our models, come to our showroom in Sembrancher where you can ask all your questions to our specialists.

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