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Our journey

Starpellet has extensive experience in the sales and installation of wood and pellet products . The company stands out on the market for its multiple skills, which are due to its very particular genesis.


The stove sales and installation activity was initially carried out within the company AL Électriqué d'Orsières, specializing in electrical installations and the sale and installation of household appliances. Thanks to the development of the activity based on wood and pellet products , Starpellet becomes a company in its own right and grows in technical installation skills, both with regard to stoves and with regard to wood and pellet boilers new generation.


Recent market developments have allowed the creation of a third company, Alpwatt, which shares offices and storage space with Starpellet and AL Electricity, but which is highly specialized in integrated central heating, solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. , heat pump, high performance pellet and wood boilers.


In short, Starpellet is part of a larger constellation, which includes the two companies we just mentioned. The synergy within the group and the familiarity of management allow Starpellet, AL Electricité and Alpwatt to always offer the best solution to the end customer, depending on their budget and the technology available for their particular application.


We help you choose the stove that suits you


We are at your service for the repair of your wood and pellet stoves and boilers.


We install your new stove in your home.

after-sales service

Benefit from efficient and high-quality after-sales service.

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