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Finn is a very original, very low pellet stove, reminiscent of the shapes of Northern European wood stoves, robust and indestructible. Cast iron legs help create a comfortable, familiar look. This stove is ideally placed in a niche or in an existing fireplace without a base. As an alternative to cast iron legs, there is a folded steel base, which takes up the shapes of the sides without interruption. The Finn model can be ordered with the smoke outlet above, which is the best choice for small spaces, as it saves approximately 12 cm. Finn is equipped with Relax ventilation, which increases sound comfort, a Wi-Fi module, automatic cleaning of ashes from the brazier.

Pellet Stove - FINN Nordic Fire

  • Width 450mm
    Height 800mm
    Depth 540mm


  • Energy efficiency class A+
    Weight without coat 165kg
    Weight with steel mantle 175 kg
    Heating power 2.5 - 6.4 kW
    Heating volume (depending on the insulation of the house) 50 - 180 m3
    Pellet tank capacity ~ 11kg
    Average electrical power absorbed ~20W
    Yield > 90%



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