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Laurus Glas is a round wood stove with a large screen-printed ceramic glass panel. This special glass allows the combustion temperature to be increased and therefore burns better, with very good emission and efficiency values. The tubular stainless steel handle and the tinted glass top complete the high-level package. It is possible to add an accumulation module in the upper part of the stove, thus increasing the capacity to slowly release heat for several hours after it has been turned off.

Wood Stove - LAURUS GLAS steel Flambiente

  • Width 490mm
    Height 1137mm


  • Energy efficiency class A+
    Weight ~102kg
    Nominal power 5kW
    Heating power 3-7kW
    Heating volume (depending on the insulation of the house) 90 m3
    Dimensions of logs (max) 33cm
    Average electrical power absorbed -
    Yield >80%


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