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Andalo 3 M is an extremely modern wood stove. The German manufacturer Drooff has created a series of wood stove models with one goal: to obtain the best emission values on the market. For this reason, Droof stoves have an extremely clean combustion and are built with highly recyclable and sustainable materials, to guarantee the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Indestructible cast iron. Drooff engineers say: "Where possible, we manufacture doors, grills or hearth bases from gray cast iron. This recyclable and indestructible material cannot warp or bend. And it is suitable for higher temperatures at 1,000 degrees!”
Your Andalo 3 M stove can be supplemented with DROOFFolith storage stones, made of a highly efficient and durable material, for pleasant stove warmth for up to several hours after the last combustion.

Wood Stove - ANDALO 3 M soapstone Drooff Kaminöfen

  • Width 485mm
    Height 1142mm


  • Energy efficiency class A+
    Weight (without stone mantle) ~144kg
    Nominal power 6kW
    Heating volume (depending on the insulation of the house) 30 - 65 m2
    Combustion air connection Yes
    Dimensions of logs (max) 33cm
    Smoke outlet diameter 150mm
    Yield >75%


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