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Alumo is a modern wood stove covered in soapstone or white stone. Everything is designed for comfort, from the cool handle to the modern, functional design to the large wood compartment. You can easily adjust the combustion using a lever that slides laterally and simultaneously manages the primary and secondary air inlets. Alumo has a storage mass of 125 kg, which allows very gentle diffusion of heat by natural convection and radiation, attenuating temperature peaks and, therefore, significantly increasing your thermal comfort. Alumo's linear and timeless design is designed to accompany the product throughout its life cycle, allowing it to adapt to any type of furniture or style. The weight of almost 250 kg and the thick materials surrounding the flame speak volumes about the Austrian manufacturer's attention to the quality, durability and reliability aspects of these products.

Wood Stove - ALUMO Rika

  • Width 530mm
    Height 1070mm
    Depth 475mm


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