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Phenix Natural is a pellet stove without electricity with three glass sides. This model takes its name from the mythological bird due to the particular shape of the flame, which rises upwards and spreads with continuously moving flaps that resemble the representation of the plumage of the phoenix. The fireplace is equipped with two combustion systems, in order to obtain very low-polluting smoke. Firstly, the pellets fall into the brazier and are burned, as with all traditional stoves. Secondly, oxygen is reintroduced to the flame through the holes above the brazier, in order to obtain greater combustion of gases and polluting particles.

Pellet Stove without Electricity - PHENIX NATURAL 10 Laminox

  • Width 488mm
    Height 1347mm
    Depth 544mm


  • Energy efficiency class A++
    Weight 154 kg
    Rated power Phenix 7 6.4kW
    Rated power Phenix 10 8.5kW
    Heating volume (depending on the insulation of the house) 50 - 200 m3
    Pellet tank capacity ~ 19kg
    Average electrical power absorbed -
    Yield > 89%



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