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Simple and elegant shapes for the Revo II pellet stove, one of the most popular models from the Austrian manufacturer. Revo II often appears in architecture and interior design magazines, for its balanced proportions and for the classic combination of stone and cast iron in a minimal style. The stone front grilles gently connect to the sides of the same material to form a frame that highlights the black door with its play of flames. A perfect set that will make a decisive contribution to your well-being at home. The Revo II has optimal flame adjustment thanks to the dynamic combustion air control system, which continuously analyzes the chimney draft values and instantly adapts combustion. The result is an aesthetic and natural flame, clean and efficient. This stove features the innovative features of the latest generation Rika electronic system, such as touch screen, radio room temperature sensor, Firenet WiFi module and Rika Voice assistant.

Pellet Stove - REVO II Rika

  • Width 532mm
    Height 1090mm
    Depth 578mm


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