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Domo is the most luxurious model in the range. This stove has no half measures, its objective is absolute comfort of use. Its tank contains 50 kg of pellets and therefore guarantees a very long operating autonomy. The brazier is equipped with a robust tilting grate, which periodically discharges combustion residues into the lower compartment, extending the operating cycles of the stove, without you having to intervene to vacuum up the ashes and combustion residues. The design of this stove is perfectly studied to give an impression of elegance and power.
Domo, like all Rika models, is very quiet, thanks to the diffusion of heat by natural convection, without fans, and also thanks to the continuous pellet supply system. In fact, Rika stoves do not have the typical pellet loading noise, because the operation of the feed motor is continuous and slow, while most mid-range products use intermittent motors. In addition, the thick cast iron brazier eliminates any resonance noise due to falling pellets.
Domo is available with top or rear smoke outlet and in the Multiair version with one or two independent ducts for hot air.

Pellet Stove - DOMO Rika

  • Width 793mm
    Height 1121mm
    Depth 432mm



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