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This versatile device combines comfortable pellet heating with relaxed cooking at the highest level. With the new Domo Back, perfect cooking becomes child's play. In addition to offering all the conveniences of pellet operation, the fusion of the popular Domo pellet stove with the Back wood stove ensures, with its touch screen, very precise regulation of the temperature of the integrated oven, making it possible to follow the exact recipes thanks to controlled cooking. Domo Back has the Dynamic Air Regulation function, which allows the stove to automatically adapt combustion according to the draft conditions determined by variations in temperature and pressure, in order to have the best possible efficiency, in all conditions. The Rika Firenet and Rika Voice functions are available as an option. The Rika Domo Back pellet stove with oven also has very quiet operation.
Domo Back, like all Rika models, is very quiet, thanks to the diffusion of heat by natural convection, without fans, and also thanks to the continuous pellet supply system. In fact, Rika stoves do not have the typical pellet loading noise, because the operation of the feed motor is continuous and slow, while most mid-range products use intermittent motors. In addition, the thick cast iron brazier eliminates any resonance noise due to falling pellets.
Domo Back is available with rear smoke outlet and in the Multiair version with one or two independent ducts for hot air.

Pellet Stove - DOMO BACK Rika

  • Width 772mm
    Height 1370mm
    Depth 428mm



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